Glastonbury: 5 fascinating facts

Next month on October 7th tickets will go on sale for Glastonbury 2013, in anticipation for this event here are several facts and tales about the weird and wonderful history of the event.

  1. This year Glastonbury was cancelled due to the vast number of resources being allocated to the 2012 London Olympics, essentials such as police officers, portable lavatories and crowd control barriers were in short supply. The Olympics alone demanded the use of at least 14,000 portable toilets in comparison to the needs of Glastonbury which were in the number of 650-700.
  2. Glastonbury first took place in following the unfortunate death of Jimi Hendrix. The attendance was a comparatively miniscule 1,500 with a £1 entrance fee. Although you certainly got value for your money – there was even a complementary bottle of milk. Headlining the festival were Marc Bolan and T-rex.
  3. Glastonbury uses about 3000 megawatts of electricity over a single weekend which is similar to the city of Bath. However, this is understandable when you take into consideration the sheer size of the event, covering 900 acres of summerset farmland.
  4. Glastonbury is often inextricably linked with mud and bad weather, which is all part of the experience of course. The festival has even been designated as the origin of the new sport “mud-surfing”. In 2005 there was the equivalent of 2 months rainfall in a couple of hours, the resulting flood left car parks underwater and  canoes became the dominant mode of transport.
  5. This festival is always full of unusual incidents. In 1989 an as of yet unknown Lilly Allen was saved by Kate Moss after Lilly was stabbed in the ear and given two black eyes, due to a conflict with a female who claimed Lilly had an affair with her boyfriend, Moss bravely intervened. In 1995 the main ‘pyramid stage’ burned down and had to be hastily replaced, fortunately it didn’t buckle under the weight of the acts.Glastonbury is worth £82 million to the world economy and with over 170,000 people estimated to descend on the festival next year, I am ecstatic to be one of those numbers. If you can’t afford a ticket then you could be one of the 1,300 recycling volunteers and work off your ticket. There are no excuses, I have a feeling this will be the best Glastonbury yet!